Sunday, August 16, 2009

World Championship Wrap-Up

Great racing this weekend on Lake Banook. I'm very proud of what I've accomplished in my first season of international racing! Mickle and I improved a lot in our k2, and there's plenty more to do.

Today we had the 4x200m relay, which is a new event and totally awesome, in my opinion. The relay is set up so that the first leg starts at the finish line heading UP the course and paddles 200m; when that paddler finishes her 200m leg, the gate drops for the second girl to paddle DOWN the course to the finish line, and so on. Each team of 4 shares 1 lane, so you have to merge to the right-hand side when you're finishing, because your teammate is lined up in a gate facing you in the center of the lane, ready for the "tag off."

Fun!! Chaotic! I hope they keep this event and we practice it a little more. Our team was (in order) Emily Vinson, Maggie Hogan, Emily Wright, Emily Mickle. There are good pictures of us hidden in the depths of someone's camera, no doubt, and hopefully they will surface soon so I can post them.


Anonymous said...

Can Maggie ask her parents to give her a new name - like I have an idea... "Emily" perhaps? ;)
It just doesn't seem proper to have a team of 3xEMily and 1xMaggie. I'm sure Maggie is all kewl and all but surely shes craving for a nickname like Emily

Emily said...

Hi Anonymous,
Though you and I both know that "Emily" clearly is the winning name, I think Maggie would rather stay uniquely "un-emily." :o) Perhaps 'll never understand.