Monday, November 21, 2011

Fem does Football

On Saturday, I attended my first football game ever. That includes all high-school, college, kids, professional... even pick-up games. Before this weekend, I had never been to a football game.

So I did the first in style! I took a whirlwind trip to South Bend with Matt and company to watch Notre Dame beat Boston College. Football is much more fun than I've ever given it credit for. For the record, I also feel it is the most confusing game in the world.

warm ups

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday woes

On Thursday, I forgot to bring my computer charger to school. I also forgot to charge my phone. I also forgot my student ID card in Tuesday's jeans pocket, meaning no food while on campus for 9 hours.

So there I was, ravenously wandering the Geneseo campus, glumly toting my dead phone and dead laptop. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I ripped my pants in an unfortunate spot. And if modesty wasn't a problem, strong gusts of winds and temperatures below thirty surely were. I quite literally froze my butt off.

BUT in the late afternoon, it started to snow! And it continued to snow! I drove back to Rochester in a mini-blizzard, and lifted weights in my own mini snow-globe. Giant snowflakes make everything better.

It was an excellent day.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hello November!

Happy autumn! The end of this week was absolutely gorgeous here in Upstate NY..... into the twenties at night and almost hitting sixty during the day. Crisp air, blue sky, and bright sun. Miss Nicole Mallory and I enjoyed pushing leaves around on the canal in our kayaks. That reminds me: I posted Brian's awesome Epic Fall mockup last year (1 year ago to the day, in fact. Weird). And guess what!!? Paddling over a carpet of leaves is still really annoying.

Last weekend I participated in the Barbells for Boobs event at Crossfit Rochester. It's a nationwide breast-cancer fundraiser in which crossfit gyms do a workout entitled "Grace", which is 30 clean&jerks as fast as possible. (95 pounds for girls and 135 for guys) I was 1 second shy of my goal time but it was still a fun day.

Matt is on the left; I'm on the right in the front, with Heather and Laurie behind me!