Saturday, March 6, 2010

My brother the rocker

This is my brother Paul. He's 16, a junior in high school, very handy and tech-savvy, good with cars, and generally amicable. But all these things pale in comparison to his musical talent: he plays bass and guitar in a band called Every Last Thursday (ELT, if you're a groupie).

(He also plays the cello, and if he would get with the program, he'd quit the rock music business and we would start a brother-and-sister bluegrass band that would be just like Nickel Creek, only better because we could make a ridiculous pun based on our last name that would be funny to me only.)

But Paul is not to that stage yet (Stage!? Get it!?) He's enjoying ELT's local success, including opportunity to play at the Buffalo stop of the Van's Warped Tour. This is where you come in. Go here to listen to their newest studio recording, and then VOTE!