Thursday, June 30, 2011

June update 2

Next, Emily Mickle arrived for a week of Rochester training. We made plenty of time for fun in addition to some quality workouts with Nicole Mallory, who was also in town. I have to admit most of the fun revolved around trips to Wegmans... but then again, having Mickle around is just a riot no matter what.

She enjoyed the variety of paddling locations that we frequent here in Rochester. (Canoeing with Marc and Holly on Irondiquoit Creek, and paddling on the Genesee River and Erie Canal in various spots.)

Below, she is pictured under the lock in Pittsford, which apparently was somewhat of a novetly.

I also introduced Mickle to Crossfit, and I think she's hooked. She tagged along on our Crossfit Rochester Goes Kayaking day at Bay Creek. A bunch of us rented kayaks and paddleboards and headed up the creek for a few hours of paddling. Afterwards, several brave souls tried their luck in the sprint boat. Thanks so much to Bay Creek Paddling Center for the fun day of kayaking!

Also in June: my brother Paul turned 18 !
Sticking to the tradition founded last summer, I got him a "cake" which is not really a cake at all but just a candle delivery device. Last year: a garbage plate. This year: a Chipotle burrito. Lucky.

THEN Paul graduated from HIGH SCHOOL! Wild! (Not that he managed to graduate, but that I'm so old.)
My new favorite picture of Paul and me

The whole family on Paul's graduation day!

June update 1

June was a great month of training!

On Memorial Day weekend, I went to the 70-miler to support Team Forge. Matt and Tom finished 3rd, the Schlimmer brothers in 7th, and Marc and Holly were the first mixed team (and 15th overall!) I always love spectating at the 70 and I can't wait to race it someday.

Two weeks later, I raced at the Madrid Canoe Regatta in Madrid, NY. (By the way, the residents pronounce it "MAD-rid") This race is always a throwback to 2003, when I raced my first marathon race here. It's also my favorite race of the year, given that most of the participants camp out along the riverbank, drink beer, go fishing, and roast marshmallows (okay maybe I'm the only one who roasts marshmallows.)

Here I am getting back into my boat after the portage during the 20k kayak race. My race was okay. I was unable to hang on to two Canadian masters guys for longer than 8k, so I placed 3rd overall.

There were lots of dogs underfoot!

I brought Matt with me, and he was excellent with race-day support. Here were are brewing up some coffee in our makeshift kitchen.

Here's the start of Sunday's pro race. If you're a paddler in the Northeast, I highly recommend this regatta!