Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Jeret Peterson was an incredible athlete and friend. He'll be greatly missed.

Fall plan: university!

I'm excited to announce that this fall I will be living and training in Rochester, NY (Fairport) as I work toward my bachelor's degree at SUNY Geneseo!!! I will be studying English. I'm really excited to work on getting my degree. Although it's nice to dedicate all my time to training in the kayak, it's impossible to do that while making a living, and I'm 23 now. I'm looking forward to having a degree and being able to make some money while I continue to train for the Olympics.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crossfit Rochester Games

The CFR games were, to put it succinctly, really fun. The games are basically a mini version of the world-wide Crossfit Games that takes place in 2 weeks in California. One of our own, Bill Pontius, qualified in the masters competition, so this year's CFR games was a fundraiser for him as well. There were 3 individual events: endurance, strength, and "mixer," as well as a team competition. I did the team competition because I thought it would be more fun (although if you're tough like MegN and Stash you just do everything.)

The workouts themselves were posted the morning of the competition. The objective: finish the workout first. Our team (Gang Kelly Green) did some strategizing to figure out the fastest way to get through it.
50% of G.K.G.

Burpee box-scale

Matt jumping over the box. It looks weird but you had to jump over and then do your burpee facing the box, so he's doing his turn in the air.

The 225lb deadlift was more manageable sumo-style, with a partner. As you can see, photo evidence shows that Matt was lifting his share as well as part of mine. Whoops.

There was also a keg-toss event. Here's the winning throw


All this is to say, it was a really awesome event. Anyone is invited, and it happens every July! I believe all the Crossfit gyms in Rochester and Western NY were well-represented, as well as non-crossfitting athletes from around the area. You can see more pictures here.

Lake Placid International Regatta 2011

On July 4th weekend, I raced the Lake Placid International Regatta, which also served as our World Championships Team Trials. The top 6 girls were named to the team and I am unfortunately lucky number 7: less than one second out of 6th place. So I won't be going to World Championships this year. Disappointing for sure. But I'm admittedly happy with my improvement since my relatively lackluster performance at team trials in April. I still feel positive about my training moving forward. I am also making a few exciting changes, which I'll detail in a later post! For now, some pictures of the regatta.

My club and all its members.

Mickle took this cool shot by the junior tent

The coolest part of the regatta was having my people there. Not only did my whole family make the trip for the weekend, but also Matt, Stash, and Isabel. They did some SUP, biking, and a workout at Crossfit Adirondack. I heard they had a great time. I heard more people should come next year!

This is clearly where the cool kids hang out. I want to be a cool kid. Next race, I'm getting one.

Matt and I pose as we leave the course at the end of the day. I felt like a pack animal with that huge backpack.

The three Emilys giving princess waves to the crowd after our 500m final. From left to right, Emily Vinson, Emily Wright, Emily Mickle

I met this friendly pig at the regatta course. Hello, pig!