Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stats from fun week.

Now that my rest week is over, I will be easing slowly back into off-season training (my favorite time of year!!) Here is some info from this past week.

Number of hours paddled: 8.5
Number of hours spent training but not paddling: 0
Total number of sessions: 5
Number of sessions that were considered a total riot: 5
Number of deer fly bites: 2
Number of times I shrieked and swatted away a deer fly: 200
Longest day on the water: 3 hours
Bridges passed under during that day: 13, twice
Number of months passed since I last spent 3 consecutive hours in a kayak: 18
Most consecutive hours I've ever spent in a kayak: 13
Number of miles I ran this week: 0
Number of miles Holly ran on Sunday: 20
Average number of cups of coffee consumed per day: 4
Width of my smile when my mom brought home the first local apples of the harvest season: a mile
Number of times I wished I were somewhere else or doing something else: 0

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