Friday, August 14, 2009

Semifinal Report

After a great 1000m in the morning, leaving us 13th overall (there is no B-final), Mickle and I were pumped to "give 'em hell" in the Olympic-distance 500m semifinal later in the day.

Unfortunately, our hardest effort wasn't enough today. We wouldn't have changed anything about our race... in fact we are thrilled with our progress. But we missed out on qualifying for the B-final by 1 spot. (We were 19th.) Since we've been working solely towards our Making The B-Final goal for two months since we returned from Europe, we are disappointed.

As for the rest of the US team, Maggie made it through to the 1000m k1 B-final, Morgan House is in the C final for the k1 1000m, and Yariel Rodriugez, our badass canoeist, made the B-final for the c1 1000m.

The rest of us get to focus on the 200m distances. We still have lots of racing to do this weekend!

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