Friday, August 21, 2009

Terry Kent's letter to US junior kayakers

I found this article on the USACK page. It's a letter written by Terry Kent to the US jr. sprint team following their experience at World Jr. Championships in Moscow. But it's pertinent to all of us, because we all need to work on raising the bar. I'm glad Terry reminded us that keeping up with the Euros IS possible. I think it was last summer during the junior/U-23 camp in Lake Placid that Mac Hickox gave us a splendid speech in which he said that the US kayak team is TOUGH, RESILIENT, and HAS WHAT IT TAKES to stand on the podium. I think we're starting to gain some momentum.


Anonymous said...

Canoeing and kayaking is such a great sport - its probably the best kept secret in the U.S. as far as outdoor activities concerned because it doesn't seem to compare to the level of fervor that is shared in Europe. If only the kids of tomorrow would have some peeps like you guys to motivate and inspire them, the success of the US team could go a long way, not to mention, helping to reduce the trends of childhood obesity in this country bu getting them out and about rather than in and face sucked to TV - at the very least, they should be playing WII sport/canoeing

Oh and becareful - Coach Mac is a Canadian! You can never trust them red maple leaves ;)

okay just kidding, he's a great guy and very enthusiastic fella

Now, that Nathan Luce fella is who u gotta be watchin out for - afterall he comes from that city that sounds like missingsausage - Nates a great guy too - glad you guys have some wonder people as mentors esp. that funny henry fella! More henry -like stories pleeeez

Emily said...

Hi anonymous,
I've never thought of Mississauga as "missing sausage," but now that you mention it, you are right.

Indeed, Mac, Nathan, and Henry are all PHENOMENAL and instrumental parts of our US program, even if they are Canadian and Polish. ;)


Anonymous said...

i just finished reading that letter. That was very nice of him but I just couldnt stop thinking, wow, 1984 seems eos ago. I wonder what they were racing in, what kind of paddles they used, how did they train AND hunt and gather food all in one day. Nonetheless, it is very true - you are who you are by what you think.
Think BIG Emily (and I do mean all 37.5% of all of You EMILYS)!