Monday, June 29, 2009

Adventures Abound!

Yesterday Tyler and I drove up to Long Beach. On the way back to San Diego, we stopped to see our friend Thure, who is great for a lot of reasons, including the fruit orchard in his backyard!! Grapefruits, apricots, apples, avacados, persimmons, plums, and pears! I was so enamored by these fruit trees because all I've ever really seen in New York is apples and grapes. And now I have a bag of fresh apricots to eat!!

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Rachel said...

Hey Emily!
I was home this weekend and saw your parents at Glenn's graduation party. It sounds like you've been up to some pretty awesome things lately! I love reading your blog - so keep updating it! I may have to join Justin in his trip to CA, I've never been either and I want to see you :)