Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laundry Ingenuity, by Emily and Emily

Not wanting to bring any dirty clothes with us on our last leg of the trip, Mickle and I did laundry yesterday. Laundry costs 5 zlotys (almost $2), so we got our money's worth by stuffing the machines full. They don't have dryers in Europe, so you have to line- dry everything: energy efficient, but not time-efficient. As we only have 30 hours until departure for Hungary, we devised a drying strategy: 40+ feet of rope strung up in a 5-part clothes-line. We used garden wire, 2 paddling resistors with tennis balls removed, 2 bungees, Mickle's paddling case, a chair, two open drawers, one paddle precariously balanced on the television, and two pieces of duct tape. We used force vectors to get the line to stay up.

Now there are lines full of clothes criss-crossed over the entire room. You have to go spleunking to get through... kind of like mission impossible.

When laundry calls, the Emilys answer.

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