Sunday, June 7, 2009

World Cup Tour in Review

At the last world cup in Szeged, Mickle and I failed to make it out of the semifinal of the k2 500. Our k4 was knocked out in the semifinal as well, giving all 4 of us girls top 20 [ish] results. These are glaringly and unapologetically not the top 12 results that we were looking for from this World Cup Tour. We're all feeling very disappointed. It's one thing to have one bad race. It's another to have good races... and be consistently in the bottom half.

We raced our hearts out. We are not fast enough. Now we go home.

But the bright side to disappointing results is the confidence in your ability to make them your lowest ever. Your springboard to greatness! The foundation of your Fortress!! Inspiration! Motivation! Desire!

My task: Identify the lessons learned; use as building blocks for my Fortress.
The goal: Never again earn results as low as these.

Simple! Beautiful. The next time I race internationally, I will be faster than I am today.

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