Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Fem goes to Hollywood

Yesterday Maggie and I went to Hollywood to shoot a commercial for Nintendo Wii! There's a new Wii game coming out called Sports Resort that features table tennis, archery, basketball, and a bunch of other sports, including canoeing. We were asked to be a part of the commercial because we are "canoe experts." It was tons of fun, save for the awful traffic in LA. We got star treatment: our own dressing room, make-up artist, and stylist!

Mags and me pre- make-up... and also pre- taking-out-my-eyebrow-ring.

Gettin' our hair did

I can't believe how much work goes into one commercial! I'm fairly certain some of the crew members were there for 12-15 hours. We were only working for about five and a half, but it was surprisingly tiring. Everyone has to work hard to get the whole thing just right on camera.... otherwise you have to keep shooting over and over until it's perfect.

Working on my diva attitude

I'll post a link to the commercial when it comes out in a month. It's going to be aired on the internet as well as on the actual Wii system.

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stephen said...

Thats a great & sexy pics really looking gorgeous in those black glass & T-Shirt,UR always perfect in each shot no need to do it again and again for the same shot.


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