Monday, July 13, 2009

Trials Report

I am pleased to announce that World Championship team trials went well and I am headed to Nova Scotia in a month!!

I placed 3rd in the k1 500m, and Mickle and I placed 2nd in the k2 500m, behind Maggie/Arasay. The team of me, Vinson, Mickle, and Arasay won the k4. There was a bit of shakeup in the team roster in the end. Not everyone can race everything, so there were some choices that had to be made that affected the lineup.

I now present team USA!!

Maggie Hogan- k1 500m
Emily Vinson- k1 200m

Emily Wright & Emily Mickle- k2 500m

Jen Burke, Ariel & Maia Farrar-Wellman, Kaitlyn McElroy- k4 500m

And the boys:
Morgan House- k1 500m, k1 1000m

Pat & Ryan Dolan- k2 500m, k2 1000m

Tim Hornsby, Dion Maxwell, David Petrovics, & Sam Ritchie- k4 1000m

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