Monday, November 12, 2007

This morning after my run I sat down with a cup of coffee and clicked on fasterskier. Today's new article is regarding the new Madshus ski: the "Nanosonic Highspeed."

"Madshus, the world leader in Nordic ski design and manufacturing and the world’s oldest ski brand, introduces a new top-of-the-line racing ski – the Nanosonic Highspeed. Crowning Madshus’ renowned Champion Series line of skis, the Nanosonic – available in six model profiles – reaches new pinnacles in trimming weight and dampening vibration for the competitive advantage."

Um, is this a joke? Don't get me wrong; I'm in love with my hypersonic skates, but wow, "nanosonic highspeed" takes ski nomenclature to a whole new level.

What does Dr. Charles Wright have to say?

"Nano is a real scientific prefix that means 10 to the exponential minus 9. That's really small. It's on the order of the size of individual atoms. This is a good example of what happens when marketing people grab technical terms. So, maybe it's poetry, so it can mean whatever they want it to mean... or else it's a translation problem with Norwegian. Yah?

I think we'll call our wax forms "nano wax forms" this year and we'll definitely sell them out."

The real point is that the Fairport Nordic Ski Team is selling handcrafted wax forms at the HF-L sale this weekend for the low price of $30, and YES! They can make a special form for the odd curvature of your new Madshus Nano Highspeeds.

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