Thursday, November 15, 2007

So much for good intentions

On Tuesday after the cardio medley workout, Marc and I discussed how to improve my running (and overall fitness). One of his recommendations was to, instead of just running in the mornings, row 5k and then run 5k. Holly has a rowing machine in our apartment, so I took his advice to heart yesterday morning. I rowed 2.5k (gotta start somewhere) and then I ran 5k. I started around 7:15am and I was done around 8. Perfect morning workout! I resolved to do it more often, if not every day.

HOWEVER, upon returning to my apartment after lifting weights, I found a note taped to my door. In effect: "Hi, I live below you, I have a 6 year old son and I would appreciate it if you didn't row before 8am." It was a very nice note, and I could tell she felt bad about writing it. But it made me feel so guilty and awful, like I was doing something wrong or had commited some sort of crime (yes, I am my mother's daughter). But after considerable thought, I don't feel so bad about it. In fact, I think PISSED OFF is a better phrase to describe how I feel.

First of all, this woman usually leaves her house by 6am, and that's why I figured rowing at 7:15 would be fine. But apparently (unbeknownst to me), her boyfriend sometimes stays over, and he works late and sleeps late, and the machine creates a disturbance for him.

Second of all, rowing after 8 is out of the question. I have things to do, and I'm already doing them by 8. I chose to wake up early so that I can work out and still have time for everything else. It's my routine; I like to do the same things at the same time [almost] every morning. So this pisses me off because she is politely asking me to change my routine for her boyfriend's sake, and frankly, I don't want to change my routine for ANY sake. (And I don't think I should have to.)

Lastly, do I ever complain about the noise from those above me when I'm trying to get to sleep by 9:30?? NO. They are entitled to do whatever they want. I turn on my fan, ignore it, and fall asleep.

This isn't supposed to be a slam on the woman below me-she's just my muse- it's supposed to serve as an example of how ignorant people are. It's just EXERCISE, for goodness sake, and all I ask is to do it in peace. Just let me be alone in my own little endorphin-high world. This goes for angry motorists who honk at me while I'm riding, people who won't step to one side of the sidewalk so I can run by, speedboaters on the canal who fly by me in my c1 with complete ignorance and disregard for how tippy it is [for me], the cops who drive by The Forge while we are lifting and ticket our cars for being on the wrong side of the street when the clocks tick 7:01pm... the list goes on. If people appreciated the value of being physically active, I don't think they'd be so angry or disturbed at having to sidestep around athletes who are just "doing their thing."

Can't a girl catch a break here???


Drew said...

How did you deduce everything about the boyfriend?

The Wright's Tuff said...

she mentioned it in her verbose note