Friday, November 30, 2007

Moving up in the world

Yesterday we (Marc, Jason, Holly, and me) did a "crash bang medley."

The concept of "medley" is a pretty simple cardio workout: 3 x(10 minutes, 5 minutes, 5 minutes) with no breaks in between. The 10 minute pieces are done on your choice of airdyne bike, rowing machine, canoe erg, or kayak erg. The 5 minute pieces in between are your choice of speed bag, punching bag, abs, weights on balance board, slide board, step-ups, jumprope, etc. The idea is to go as hard as you can during each segment- whether it be 5 or 10 minutes- and then switch to the next machine without any rest. It's an hour of hard effort, and the switching keeps boredom at bay. We blast metallica, sometimes turn on boxing or canoe videos, and rotate on all the machines together. The cool thing about a medley is that you get out of it whatever you put into it- that is- if you're exhausted, you can take it easy and it's a great way to clear lactic acid. Or, if you're feeling good, you can go balls-out, which brings me to the concept of "crash bang."

Crash bang: going as hard as possible. Holly was ten- percenting Jason, meaning she had to come within 10% of his numbers on everything. (She did, with room to spare.) I'm not quite "there" yet, and Marc is mostly beyond "there," so he and I just tried to break our own records. (We did.) (In the forge, we refer to PRs as "world records.")

World Records Set By Emily Yesterday:

Airdyne bike-how many calories burned in 10 minutes
Previous record: 142.
Thursday's record: 153.
New goal: 160.

Rowing machine- how many meters rowed in 10 minutes
Previous record: 2392m (2:09/500m average)
Thursday's record: 2455m (2:02.3/500m average)
New goal: 2500m (2:00/500m average)

Speed bag- how many seconds to do a 1-10 progression (hit once with left, once with right, twice with left, twice with right, etc. all the way to 10 and back down to 1)
Previous record: 67 seconds
Thursday's record: 61 seconds
New goal: under a minute

Hard work and good results from everyone.

Today my shoulder is no better. I've been icing, heating, stretching, or propping it up since 5:30am this morning. I even decided to make some homemade bread in hopes that the kneading the dough would make it feel better!! (It didn't.) Tyler suggested yoga, so that's next.

but the bread is delicious!

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Francisco d'Anconia said...

I still suggest Yoga. *grins*