Sunday, November 18, 2007

runner's high

Today's Race went swimmingly! I'm no runner - never have been - but I'm proud of my improvements so far. (For posterity's sake, I ran 40:22.) The stars today were Marc, Jason, and Holly.... they were each 1st or 2nd in their age groups, with Jason 5th overall, Marc 12th overall, and Holly 32nd overall (3rd woman). Team Forge cleaned up! Pretty good for big burly canoers.
Me with my running-champ roommate

The ski sale yesterday was ridiculous. Hundreds and hundreds of Nordic skiers in one place at the same time: the chances of that happening are like the chances of Lee beating me in this year's Emily-and-Lee-Loppet-Bet: slim to none. I did my share of equipment-selling (and equipment buying...) After the sale, we ate delicious food cooked by Mrs. Day (and okay, to be fair, Chad may have helped, but we're not exactly sure how.) Then a group of us went for a gorgeous dusk run at Mendon Ponds (we had to show the out-of-towners that we mean it when we say the section V skiing courses are hilly) and a coffee run. Thanksgiving break should be all the time.

For the rest of the day, I'm going to drink as much coffee as possible (I'm up to a pot and a half so far), read this month's Women's Health magazine, and browse Roadrunner sports for a new pair of running shoes. Time to get serious about this running thing, yknow?


Drew said...

You! Since you're never really on IM, leave me a comment here and tell me when you want to go to RV over the next few days.

Emily said...

ha. you're the one never on IM. i'm going to CT tomorrow through Friday....