Friday, November 16, 2007

my laundry is good for your joints

One of the things that's cool about staying at my parents' house is the proximity to "country" roads and wide open space... the farms and cobblestone houses, and the smell of woodstoves and snow in the air. It's perfection; nobody can convince me otherwise.

And since I'm tapering for the big Turkey Classic on Sunday,I felt justified in stopping to snap photos just so I could bring said perfection to your computer screen.

What am I listening to? Alison Kraus. Is there anything else?

The road.

Snow.On.My.Arm. (!!)

Some other points of interest from today:

-Starbucks guy called me sweetheart!!!! Cute.

-I accidentally left my vitamins in the pocket of my coat which went through the laundry. Now all my clothes smell like fish.

-The ski sale is this weekend! Time for me to play saleswoman and flex my nor-dork know-how, all while convincing my mom that she wants to buy me adjustable Leki poles for my birthday. What a riot.

-And, I am not actually tapering for the Turkey Classic this weekend.

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