Sunday, January 16, 2011

Olympic Weightlifting meet

My competition in Buffalo yesterday went okay. I was pleased that I got a tiny clean and jerk PR, but not pleased that I dropped 3 out of my 6 lifts. I underestimated how nerve-wracking it would be to lift in front of a gym full of people who are all silent and staring at you! I loved it though. Had a blast. I plan to get a lot stronger and then do this again as soon as my kayaking schedule allows. The sweet thing about Oly lifting is that it's a competitive sport--- but it's also a regular part of my kayak training routine. So win-win!

My last lift was an attempted 61 kilo (134lbs) clean and jerk. I got it overhead, and then one arm buckled. Instead of letting go of the bar like you're supposed to, I just held on, twirled the weight around, and then smashed it into the gym floor, making a nice-sized dent. Whoops. I'm such a n00b! Check out the video:

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