Monday, December 20, 2010


Hey everyone, sorry I've been delinquent in posts. I've been slammed with end-of-the-semester work and finals. In fact, I have to get back to studying for my penultimate final, which is tomorrow at 10am. So here are some pictures of the latest and greatest in my life.

My cousins at Thanksgiving, arranged in age order: Emily, Justin, Emma, Anna, Evan, Paul, Tyler, Amory, Nicole, Melissa, Kyra

Creative workouts during Thanksgiving in Massachusetts: Push-ups With Cousins!

I got to hang out with my dear friend Heather a couple weeks ago!

Me with Ewa and Julie, some of the girls with whom I lift at Crossfit!

My fortune from last week

Studying for finals with a HUGE cup of coffee

This weekend Isabel and Laura and I decorated some cookies

The colorful ones are mine

Annnnd Isabel made snowmen characters. hehe

Yesterday my mom and I went for a lovely snowshoe!

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