Monday, September 20, 2010

Erie Canal Regatta

**Editor's note, 9/24/10: I've kept this blog for almost 3 years. Its purpose is to truthfully record my thoughts and opinions about my journey to the Olympics and beyond. The thoughts expressed here are my own and I get to say whatever I want.

However, my intentions are never to offend or cause resentment. Though I stand by the veracity of this post, I would like to ammend it by saying that a miscommunication was resolved and all parties involved are moving forward in the spirit of camraderie, forgiveness, and of course--- HAVING FUN KAYAKING!!

Original post:
I can't believe how many people came out for yesterday's race! The whole parking lot behind Riki's was filled with cars carrrying boats! I definitely hope this will become an annual event.

My goal for the race was to stick with Jason and Jim for a hard first kilometer, then settle into whatever cruise pace they were going and try to stick with them as long as I could. It was very difficult but I did just what I set out to do and finished the race in 2nd place overall, just behind Jason. It was a really great day, minus the witnessing of an event that poorly colored the experience.

The cool thing about races is that you're supposed to go as hard as you can-- and you get to compete against lots of other people who are also going as hard as they can. Personally, I am thankful for each opportunity to race, so I'm typically happy before, during, and after the competition. Yesterday I was extremely upset after the race, which was too bad, because it was an effort I should have been proud of.

Here are some pictures that my dad took.

from left, Nicole, Jim, me, Jason

Riding Jason's wake on the last loop

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ECBC said...

Hi Emily, it's Peter the Erie Canal Boat Company guy, I put on the Regatta. I wanted to thank you and all the others for the great turn out. Yes Emily there will be another Erie Canal Regatta In 2011, and I'm hoping for a bigger turn out along the banks to cheer everyone on. I hope you will be able to come in 2011. We're going to try and promote advanced kayaking and surf-ski paddling on the canal during the summer months. Thanks again for your comments.