Friday, September 3, 2010


I was driving to practice this morning at 7:30am when my seat and hardware flew out of my boat and onto the highway in rush-hour traffic. I was able to recover the seat, but not the screws. I disappointedly turned around and drove home, as I am unable to use the boat if the seat isn't secured in place.

Now I have to go to the hardware store and figure out how to make homemade hardware. Including that little gold rectangular piece that fits underneath the platform of plastex seats. Oy.

So since I missed my morning paddle session, I came up with a quick workout on the fly. If you try it, tell me what you think!

3 sets of the following, NO rest:

2 minutes fast jumproping (double-unders, if you can)
20 snatches, fast, with a fairly light weight (good technique)
20 weighted push-ups (for me, a 10kg plate on my back)
15 Right-arm turkish get-ups (for me, a 20lb dumbbell is plenty!)
3 handstand push-ups
15 Left-arm turkish get-ups


3 rounds of:
90 seconds front plank
60 seconds right-side plank
60 seconds left-side plank
90 seconds back plank

Then 50 reps each of 10 exercises (mostly weighted and rotational ones) for a total of 500 reps

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