Thursday, September 10, 2009

My day was worse than your day.

I woke up this morning feeling awful. It was one of those, slouching, drag-your-feet, direction-less, nothing-sounds-good kind of days.

I decided to take a drive in the desert to clear my head, and also because my car has been sounding really loud lately and I wanted to drive it on a highway to observe its behavior.

Twenty minutes later, completely isolated in the dusty brown mountains.... POP! I heard a snap and an horrible grating noise noise. I pulled over and assed the situation. Exhaust pipe= two pieces, dragging on the road. Me= alone in the desert. Provisions= a half of a Nalgene full of water, a dead ipod, and a book about wolves. Cell phone service? Of course not.

Luckily I'd broken down close to a ranger station, and I was able to hike there and use their phone, call a tow-truck, and ultimately get a ride back to the Olympic Training Center.

I am laying in my bed now, hopefully out of harm's way, when I realize...

My tent and sleeping pad necessary for this weekend's trip to Joshua Tree are in the trunk of the car at the auto shop... and they are inaccessible because my bike tire is deflated and I don't own a pump.

Please world, what else you got? Lay it on me.


Aaron said...

Wow. That's like, living proof of Murphy's Law.

Emily said...

Seriously. Sometimes I think that's my destiny.

Anonymous said...

I think that came out of a Stephen King novel with the exception of a happy ending. Thank Goodness for bad days - they make the good days seem amazingly splendid =P