Sunday, December 2, 2007

Live vicariously through me

It snowed, what, like 6 inches last night?! I woke up this morning and all I wanted to do was let out one of those famous Roger Weston roars.

So after doing chores all morning, I packed a thermos of coffee and skied for 3 hours at Mendon Ponds Park. You know that feeling when you go out for a long training distance, and you just sort of turn off your brain and don't think about anything? Then all of a sudden, it's dark outside and you've skied over 20k; you realize you're tired and hungry, but you don't even remember the entire training session except for the overwhelming feeling of how much you love to ski.

The whole watertower loop was rolled and skied in pretty well by the time I got there at 1pm, so I skied it six times, and then, satisfied with 15k, I threw on another fleece and ventured out to the West Meadow. It wasn't groomed at all, and the snow was getting pretty wet and heavy, so I crossed the road (over by the boat launch) and it was rolled all the way out to just across from Pond Rd. Turning around from there, it was rolled all the way past the dock, a loop in the meadow where the XC course starts/finishes, around the back of the cobblestone house, and then almost all the way down to Hopkins Pt. Road. Crazy!!!! They never used to groom the other side of the road like that, at least not since I started skiing. And I was the first person to ski on it all day, ha. I don't think anyone knows about it. Like I said, the snow was wet, but the track was skied in so well, if it freezes tonight and then snows a bit tomorrow, it's going to be perfect skiing.

I was surprised at how simple the transition to snow seemed. (Maybe it's because I haven't rollerskied??) It took me a few k's to remember how to ski smoothly and get my breathing under control, and then I maintained a pretty good pace from there on out. Half with poles, and half without. I am also proud to report I bombed Fawn hill 5 times... no snowplowing, and no wipeouts. Phew.

I couldn't have asked for a better first day on snow. It's supposed to rain tonight, so tomorrow I may be forced to go check out the new snow-fence novelty at Fairport High School.

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Jess said...

Aw man we missed you. Chad and I were out there that morning for a long time. We were brave enough to classic the whole 10k.

I'm a little too scared to drive the snowy roads tonight and will probably classic in highland park instead =)