Monday, December 3, 2007

Emily's Armless Workout

The new game plan for nasty triggerpoints is to rest the area for a week so that the guys at PT have a fighting chance at working them out. This kind of sucks, because we're getting tons of snow in Rochester for great skiing, and this is my hard volume week, which was supposed to include lots of lifting, skiing, swimming, and other arm-related activities. But it's okay; now I get to be creative. (and get rid of the pain!)

If you ever find yourself without arms, and you still really want to work out, try this:

Stretching +
3x10 leg dyno press (or any leg press machine)
3x10 deep squats with jump
3x10 calf raises
3x10 deep squats on bosu with jump
3x10 calf raises on Bosu
3x10 deep jumping lunges (quick)
+ all the ab exercises you can think of that don't use your arms
+ all the low back exercises " " " " " "
+ shoulder rehab routine, which I will not detail here.

You can also: airdyne bike (just legs), abs til you drop, slide-board, balance board, step-ups, kicking in the pool (on stomach or on back) biking, stair-climbing, running workouts, hiking/skiing without poles, and balance activities on Bosu or physio ball (close eyes, pelvic tilts, arm circles, etc.)

There's no excuse for having no arms.

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