Monday, December 17, 2007

Global warming?

It's global storming baby!! This snowstorm has been incredible. I don't remember it snowing so much since the winter of 2002-2003. It's fabulous. There's so much snow, that the skiing sucks!! Because nobody grooms!! It's a beautiful thing.

There are other things about which to be excited besides the snowstorm: the first world cup win EVER by a female American cross-country skier!! This is a big deal; now the excitement of Kikkan's success is filtering down to the rest of us. (or at least to me!) Average nor-dorks, ex-high-school skiing superstars, and fasterskier junkies across the country are excited for her, excited for the US ski team, excited to get out there and be a tiny part of it. It's very motivating to have a confirmation of success in The Process. Yes, it is working. Now we can enjoy a glimmer of hope that our own skiing careers will parallel Kikkan's: hard work+ years of dedication = reaching your goals. Patience, grasshopper.

I'm going to do a fairly heavy load this week, and see if I can't transpose some of the kayak team's workouts onto my skis. But that's not until tomorrow at 2:30, when I walk out of my statistics final as a free woman. I need to study. I'm going to grab some coffee and snowshoe up to the conservatory and do my work in the greenhouse!!

Happy skiing.

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