Saturday, January 30, 2016

And She's Off!

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My buddies Treesh and Neek came all the way out from Buffalo to work out with us at VooDoo Fitness on Saturday morning before I left. Love you guys!!

Here's Mark being Mark, making fun of the serious core and shoulder stability training by mimicking me with baby kettlebells

My VooDoo buddies! Normally I coach on Tuesday mornings at 5:30am, but this week I wanted to do one last workout with the crew. We did 9-7-5 of ring muscle ups and snatches at 135#/95# ("Amanda" in CrossFit speak)

The "before" picture of my car. Ready for boats to be loaded on top!

If you know anything about me you know that my cat Mikko is my life.  I am not, nor have I ever been, ashamed to be a cat lady. Here's Mikko helping me pack.
Of course we can't forget Ollie! The day before I left there were a few hours of bright sunshine, and Ollie helped me do some blogging on the porch by digging right in front of me and getting REALLY dirty. Love ya, pup.

Mark, aka Wolfman, aka my fiancĂ© and biggest supporter, was determined to keep the mood light on my last night in town.  Venison burgers (from the deer we got in December) topped with egg, and champagne cocktails. We have a big year coming up-- I'll be gone for an unknown period of time this spring/summer, he finishes grad school in March, and we are getting married in October. It will be tough to be apart but we both think it would be worse not to pursue this [kayaking].

The "after" picture of my car all loaded up and ready to go! I'm bringing 2 boats: 1 to paddle, and 1 to (hopefully) sell.
Here we go!

My dad drove with me. We've done lots of cross-country road trips together, so  we are pretty good at it. The trip is almost 1,000 miles. We did 10 hours on Thursday and 5 hours on Friday, stopping for the night in Wyethville, Virginia. Due to the recent snowstorm, there was snow cover all the way to Asheville, NC (but thankfully the roads were dry).

You know you're in the South when...

Stay tuned for more as I get settled into my new routine in Georgia!

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