Tuesday, June 22, 2010

26 Hours in Lake Placid

I did a bit of hiking with Justin, Rachel, Jon, and Alan in Lake Placid on Saturday. Actually to be honest I felt super sick and I didn't climb nearly as many mountains as I wanted (like, a hundred). But it was still fun. That place is teeming with triathletes training for the big race (Ironman) in July. You could scarcely drive 50 feet down the road without passing a bicyclist or a runner.

The summit of Blueberry mountain. As you might imagine, I spent a considerable amount of time up here hunting for blueberries, but they were not ripe yet.

On Sunday morning I took everyone out in Jon's pro boat! They did a great job, and enjoyed the [relative] stability.

Alan and me

Rachel and me

Bear and me.

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