Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Photos of the trip so far

Mickle and I had matching sleep masks for the plane ride

What kind of flowers are these? They are everywhere out here in the country!

Maggie showing off our lovely room

Walking to the course... Jen, Emily Mickle, and Mags

This is the new raincoat I got as a result of a pre-departure nightmare that it would be cold and rainy in Europe. Bingo!


Everybody does stupid things. said...

I'm paddler from Latvia (Northern Europe). Just wanted to say, that Your blog is awesome! Have a good luck in World Cups!!
ps. those flowers are canola: very common in my country too ;]

Anonymous said...

The flowers are "oilseed rape" which is used for biofuels.

BTW: Why do you think that Central (not Eastern) Europe is cold a rainy just because it has been raining for couple days. Two weeks ago there was "tropically" hot weather. There is always rain and storms after hot sunny days. Didn´t you learn it at school?