Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Blustery, rain turning to snow"

I woke up this morning with every intention of biking straight to my gardening job and working all morning. However, at 7am it was 46 degrees, gusting wind, and pouring rain. I don't care how hardcore I pretend that I am... 4 hours of pulling weeds in a wet, blustery flowerbed sounds miserable. Instead, I made myself some coffee and decided to clean the house while I waited for it to warm up and stop raining.

7:30: drinking coffee, newspaper read.
8:00: still raining and 46. countertops cleaned
8:30: rain slowing down. Living room vaccuumed
9:00: still drizzly... but the temperature has dropped to 45?
9:30: dishes put away, mail sorted. still 45 degrees.
10:00: 44 degrees. Wind picking up. Microwave cold coffee; check email
10:30: Sit down to update blog. 44 degrees. Much windier than earlier.

Well, it seems waiting on the weather was a gross mis-calculation. I'm going to go get a scarf and go over there before it starts to snow.

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