Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Wright's Tuff... and So Is Her Little Brother

Last night I got a call from my mom in the ER: my brother crashed hard on his snowboard. Paul is a very good snowboarder: he’s 14, he can do all sorts of tricks, and he goes to the mountain with his friends at least a few times per week. Apparently conditions were superb with all the new snow, but not superb enough to stop him from hitting a rock and wiping out: “A small rock,” he said, “that did some heavy damage.”

He broke both bones in his left arm, and they were poking out of his skin, so they’re keeping him in the hospital for a few days, citing the risk of dangerous bone infection. He had surgery this morning to put some plates and screws in his arm. I think he’s being very brave and I wish I could be there with him!


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