Saturday, February 9, 2008


After the morning’s formidable workouts, we Northerners (“The imports”) decided to do some exploring. We drove to Anna Ruby Falls in the Unicoi State Park and walked up to the falls. It reminded me a little of Ithaca.

The website says that double falls like these are “rare.” I bet a car with Nova Scotia plates in the middle of the forest in Georgia in February is pretty rare, too.

Trista and Laura: adventurous Canadian renegades

After we’d had our fill of the waterfalls, we made our way to Helen, Germany.... I mean Helen, Georgia.

If you’re not familiar with Helen, it’s a touristy “Bavarian” town, complete with carriages, lederhosen, and yodeling. We even ate schnitzel for dinner! Our waitress was from Munich, and she must have been legit because she had to look up the english word for “cabbage.”

Helen was also well-equipped with candy shops (incidentally, Hansel and Gretel’s!) of which we took full advantage.

Well, as they say in Bavaria... Auf Weidersehen!

They also say, “Danke schoen for the pictures, Mike.”

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