Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Diary of My Interesting Week

Every February, no matter how hard I try to stay healthy, I get bronchitis or a sinus infection. This year, I got sick right before leaving for Georgia. Despite superhuman amounts of sleep and a clear focus on healthy eating and hydration over the last few weeks since I've been down South, I have just not been able to kick the cold. Frustrating.

Last Wednesday, when I got out of the pool (the third day in a row of inclement paddling weather), I was stuffy and dizzy and all out of sorts. I tried to convince myself it was from the flip turns.

Thursday morning: Nope, not the flip turns. Definitely sick again. Sometimes things just suck.

Thursday afternoon: Feeling awful, homesick, frustrated by the weather, I just desperately wanted to be home in my own bed. You know that feeling? Even though I had a visit home planned for the end of February, I just wanted to be home now. I realized had a ton of miles saved up on Delta, enough for a quick trip home. I could leave Friday, and fly back Monday morning. Decided to do it.

Made it home on Friday afternoon. Had a lovely little workout at VooDoo Fitness on Saturday, and dinner with my family. My voice sounded like a frog, and I didn't eat much other than chicken soup. I spent Sunday sleeping.

Monday morning: My flight back to Georgia was delayed due to weather, and rescheduled for the following day. Mark and his mom took the opportunity to gang up on me and convince me that this was the universe intervening and giving me the opportunity to go to the doctor.

Monday afternoon: Went to the doctor. (Thank you for forcing me, Wolfram family.) Turns out I have a fever and a sinus infection, but luckily no bronchitis. Spent the rest of the day resting and drinking fluids.

Tuesday morning: Supposed to fly out at 11:50am, but we woke up to a massive snowstorm. All schools and many businesses were closed, and a no-travel advisory was issued for the county. Most flights in and out of Rochester were cancelled. We tried to make it to the airport in some of worst road conditions we've ever seen. Not worth it. We turned around and headed for home. Flight was rescheduled for the following day.
19.5 inches at my parents' house
Tuesday afternoon: Time to laugh about this, and remind myself that one week isn't going to make or break this racing season. Must get healthy!!!! We went snowshoeing, and I spent the afternoon reading and sleeping.

Third time's the charm, right? Stay tuned, as I'll try again tomorrow (for the third time) to make it back to Georgia!

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