Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some tuesday AM pain

I would like to share the Crossfit Rochester workout I did this morning..... because it kicked my a$s. In fact, as I write this, I'm sprawled out on the floor at school with 10 minutes until my next class. I just took a Spanish test that was difficult not because of the content but because there was no way to sit in a chair without muscles cramping.

So the listed weight was 95 pounds for guys and 65 pounds for girls. I tried it with 55 pounds-- and was still slower than several of the more-badass girls at the gym. Fastest girl time on the board was 20 minutes and change. My time was 27:22. (As always with the CF workouts, the goal is to finish as fast as possible while maintaining proper technique.)

25 overhead squats
25 front squats
25 back-squats
50 double-unders (again, this is jump roping in double-time. If you can't do these, the substitution is 250 single jump-ropes)
25 shoulder presses
25 push-presses
25 push-jerks
50 double unders
25 power snatches
25 hang squat cleans
25 deadlifts
50 double-unders

Join the suffer fest and try it!

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