Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pizza pizza pizza

Pizza is:
A. Heavenly and delicious
B. Something I want to eat every day
C. Kicking and screaming in protest to its being lately listed as a sometimes-food
D. What my family had for dinner tonight.

Evil Fem wanted a slice, or four. But Focused Fem decided, for the sake of her 4 remaining workouts this week, to eat something nutritious that will power her through deadlifts and a hard paddle tomorrow. Aka not pizza..... Pizza salad!! While no substitute for real pizza, it was tasty and filling.

3c shredded lettuce in a large bowl
1c finely chopped myriad of green, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers
1/4c (or less) finely chopped onion
2t olive oil
1/2 serving 50% reduced fat pepperoni slices, finely chopped
1/4c mozarella cheese
1/2 can of diced italian tomatoes
3oz cooked shredded chicken

Toss the peppers, onion, pepperoni, basil, and oregano in a pan with 2t olive oil. Sautee them and then put them over the 3c lettuce. Next, put the diced tomatoes, garlic, and chicken in the pan and sautee for awhile. Add that to the bowl of goodness and top with cheese.

For those who are zoning I've rudimentarily calculated this meal to be 4 protein, 2.5 Carb, and 2.5 Fat

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Anonymous said...

Yums the word! You ROCK sister Emily!