Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to write a history paper that's due tomorrow that you had an entire month to write

Step 1: make coffee. the caffeinated kind.
Step 2: clean room entirely. you wouldn't want to work in a messy room, right?
3: oops, forgot the laundry in the dryer. get that and bring it upstairs. fold it and put it away.
4: put away all the amazing "new" clothes mickle sent you in the mail!
5: try on my wetsuit. it doesn't fit as well as it did when i was 14, darn.
6. lament
7. Maybe it's time to clean out my "mail and papers" box on my desk. it's getting sort of unruly.
8. Turn on christmas lights.
9. open window for a nice draft
10. light candles
11. write this list be continued

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