Friday, August 27, 2010

Nationals report, Day 2

Today was a hot one! 96 degrees! I combatted the heat in my tent by being silly with Mickle.

We also named my little tent FemCKC (Fem Canoe/Kayak Club). The sole members and my dad and me, but others, like Jen, Mickle, and Timmy, come to visit sometimes! We have cold water, a blanket on which to sit, and karaoke. Just kidding about the karaoke.

Amidst all the laughter today I did have one race: the k2 1000m with Nicole. We finished 2nd behind Mags and Vinson by 2 seconds and were pleased with that result. Although Nicole was my first-ever k2 partner, we haven't raced much over the years and it's always fun to get in a boat together.

Tomorrow I race the k1 200m at 1:15 (final at 4:25) and the k2 200m final at 3:50.


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