Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is Roady, the newest addition to my bike-canoe-kayak-ski-snowshoe-rollerski-surf-climb fleet of toys.

"Roady" is short for "Roady the red bullet," and is named fondly after Matt Deady's first car. In lieu of a picture of said car, here's an old classic: Matt and me, circa 2006.

I picked Roady out myself, from all the other used road bikes waiting to be purchased at R Community Bikes. This is an awesome non-profit in Rochester that gives away bikes to needy members of the community. You can donate your old bikes to the program (my parents did) and friendly, helpful volunteers service them and eventually pass them on. They also have road bikes for sale in the upstairs room. Most are between $70-$120 and are perfect bikes on which to commute to school or with which to make a new best friend .

I've already been on several missions with my new comrade. We are going to make a fantastic team.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are still blogging after all this time, even with all the ups and downs in your life you have managed to post a wonderful variety of topics - i like this one too because it is about giving back and a great cause and purpose.