Monday, May 3, 2010

Canton Race report

This Sunday was Canton, a 14-mile c2 race with Jon. We won the mixed class and placed 10th (I think) overall in the men's race. We raced well, and I'm proud of our improvements thus far. Just like last week, the most important part of the race was gaining valuable wake-riding experience. During the final four miles of the race, we couldn't hang with the 3 mens teams with whom we'd been riding, but I was happy with our race nonetheless.

In fact, I love this race because it's never boring. There's lots of corners, rocks, branches to duck under, buoys to turn, etc. Two and a half hours passed like [almost] nothing.

There's no question that my biggest adjustment to long-distance racing this April/May is staving off the boredom that tends to lead to negativity. I've been focused on sprinting for the past three years, so the thought of grinding out 3,4,5....8 hours in the boat is sort of alarming. There's no doubt in my mind I can do it-- it's just a question of how much I'll enjoy it!

The latter two pictures were taken by the talented Joanne Kennedy. You can see her portfolio here.

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