Monday, April 26, 2010

Run of the Charles Race

This weekend was the Run of the Charles Race from Dedham to Boston, Massachusetts. (Two Boston weekends in a row!) Though the weather report called for cold rain, it was cloudy and temperate during the race. Jon and I race c2 again, but this time in the amateur class (19-mile race).

We ended up winning the entire amateur race as well as the mixed division, but it wasn't easy. The race contained 6 portages. If you haven't tried sprinting with a canoe on your shoulder, don't bother; it sucks.

Jon and I got ahead off the start line and rode the first third of the race with another men's team. The only problem is that I'm not as fast a runner as Jon, or the other team. So after every portage we'd have to make up our lost time by paddling faster on the water. Frustrating.

At the 4th portage we had about 1 hr to go in the race. We ran hard, dug deep, and paddled away from the two teams directly behind us.

But the most important part of the race was gaining some more wake-riding experience. Canoes are a whole different ball game than kayaks. I still have plenty to learn!

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