Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm aliveeee!

I apologize for the hiatus! I've been through some big changes during the past month and writing here has been neglected.

As some may know, I've had some serious and puzzling health issues during the past 6-8 months. My hospitalization in December was really only the beginning. My doctors have yet to make a conclusive diagnosis, but the symptoms include severe allergic reactions and fatigue.

Long story short: my doctors recommended rest. I (naturally) resisted this recommendation from the beginning, but after the 5th allergic reaction and subsequent round of medication, cessation of training, etc. I decided to take my doctors' advice. This was obviously a very tough decision; nearly every part of me wanted to keep pushing through whatever was wrong with me. Without a clear diagnosis, I mused, I could get better at any time. On the other hand it was clear after 5 months of being sick that I was only getting worse.

So I flew home a week ago and I am pleased to report that I (knock on wood) feel fantastic! I am training again. Though it's certainly more logistically complicated to be an elite athlete in Rochester than the Olympic Training Center (like, you actually have to put your boat on your car and drive to the river to practice!) I believe I can make this situation work very well for me during the next few months. I have excellent people and resources here, and it's a very happy place for me. And the water's thawed!

So, schedule: I will not be racing the first US Team Trials on April 22-23. Instead I will remain training in Rochester, and race in the World Championship Team Trials in Lake Placid July 3.

A disappointing 6 months for sure, but I know I'm finally making the best of it. Home is, as always, a wonderful place to be.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there and don't let this little obstacle bring you down - there is always a good reason for why things happen and a better plan awaits the patient one =)