Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ski Camp 2010

Each year, the US sprint kayak team joins with the US slalom kayak team for a magnificent cross-training camp in Lake Placid during which we cross-country ski, lift weights, have snowball fights, and generally enjoy everything about beautiful upstate NY winters. This year was no exception: a high level of training was accomplished, as well as a ton of fun. I wouldn't trade ski camp for the world! I'll post a bunch of pictures with captions because I'm sure that will be cooler than me re-counting the whole 2 weeks. :)

The sprint team: from left to right, Alejandro Schwendhelm, Emily Wright, Emily Mickle, coach Nathan Luce, Maia Farrar-Wellman, Kaitlyn McElroy, Ariel Farrar-Wellman, David Petrovics

Kaitlyn and me throwing on some extra blue for classic intervals

"Everyone demonstrate your best tuck!" Mickle, Maia, Ariel, me, Kaitlyn

David, Maia, and Mickle before a workout at Mt. VanHoevenburg

Ariel is demonstrating my favorite ways to spend time between ski sessions: reading Twilight!!

Snowboarding at Whiteface

Ariel, Alejandro, and me downhill skiing at Whiteface

View from the ski lift

I made friends with Bill the biathlete, who let me hold his rifle.

Also, I tried skeleton!

Though I am grinning, I am secretly terrified.
Mickle and Burgco, getting ready for the run down the track

Mickle and I took this picture before sliding down the track, musing that it could be the last photograph ever taken of us. In retrospect, that was sort of morbid and dramatic.


The girls ice skating on the Olympic oval: Kaitlyn, me, Maia, Mickle, and Ariel

Bug and Jure watched a little too much Blades of Glory, perhaps? Actually, I'm just jealous of their form.

Me with the slalom boys. We had to bribe the ice skate police to let us take this picture. Scott, Jure, Scotty, Bug, me, and Aaron

I found a giant black bear at Whiteface!

And another in Canandaigua on my way home!


Kala said...

One of the best sprint K-1ner was Knut Holmann of Norway. He also happened to be a top cross country skier athlete as well so I guess it must be a great cross training sport
I just read that Nathan Luce has resigned on the USACK website. What's happening with the program?

Emily said...

The program is moving forward under the direction of 2 new coaches, Stein Jorgensen and another is TBA. We're all very sad to see Nathan go; he is a phenomenal coach and has been a pleasure to work with. He helped the US team make a ton of progress internationally since 2005. We are still in great hands but he is definitely missed!!