Sunday, January 24, 2010

Justin has requested more updates. And he's absolutely right! This week was a recovery week for me so the training was reduced. Unfortunately, the snow has melted, so I was only able to ski once. But on the flip side, the creek thawed, so I've been out paddling 5 times and LOVING it. I wish I could bottle up the scent of snow, musty leaves, and wet wood; it feels so natural to be out there. It makes me smile to think of the hundreds of hours I've spent training there in the springtimes.

I have also acquired an erg! If you visit my youtube channel, you can see recent videos. It takes me awhile to make them but I'll get around to it asap.

I head back to San Diego next weekend, so I have one last week of training and wonderful adventures before heading to the west coast for.... training, and wonderful adventures!!

Thanks for reading!

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