Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My coffee namesake

Some things I like to do:
1. peruse the isles of Trader Joe's
2. set goals
3. drink coffee

What do these have in common? If you put them all together, you have a good idea of how I spent my Wednesday afternoon. You see, I love coffee and I also love Trader Joe's. They have so many varieties, and I love how they're packaged in brightly-colored tins with fun names and pictures. So, I have made it my goal to try ALL of the coffee varieties that Trader Joe's has to offer. Thus far I've had Molokai Blend (delicious), Wake Up Blend (my favorite), and French Roast.

I wasn't sure which one to choose next (it doesn't matter; I'm going to try them all) when I spotted it: Cafe Feminino. Cafe Feminino! My coffee namesake!! It's a Peruvian blend, and supposedly sweet, nutty, and bright. I will give a full report as soon as I try it.

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