Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Things I am happy about today:

I'm sitting in my sunny bedroom sipping coffee
There's a lovely breeze blowing through my window
It's only 54 degrees, compared with yesterday's high of 102
I do not have any training sessions until 3pm!

Tapering (scaling back on training during the week before a competition) feels wonderful. With each passing day, I feel more rested, more explosive in the water, and more excited to compete. I wish I could feel like this all the time, but it's only the hundreds of hours we've put in this far that allow us to feel so fine-tuned when we are resting up for a big competition.

Our World Cup Team Trials start on Friday here in Chula Vista. There are 12 women and 12 men entered in the trials; the fastest few will be on a plane for Europe in 10 days!

I appreciate your continued support through emails, phone calls, and visiting my website!


Justin said...

Goodluck Em!! You're a rocket ship.

Emily said...

thanks jt! you know, i still have a voicemail saved on my phone from when you called to wish me good luck before olympic trials last year. you are the best!