Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where is Fem, and where are her famed blog posts?

As I haven't had much by way of Actual News to post lately, I interviewed myself.

Is life boring in Chula Vista boring?
Only according to Forbe's Magazine. Not, like, a reputable source.

So yeah?
Okay... but let me say "repetitive." I am, after all, still living the dream.

What was your favorite workout of the week?
I particularly enjoyed today's Nearly-Twenty-Kilometers. It was 75 degrees and sunny- my first bikini paddling day of the year- and even though the cumulative fatigue from this week (weak?!) has nearly wrecked us, we fought fatigue for one last on-water session. Advantage: USA girls

What did you do this afternoon?
After completing two workouts and a chiropractor appointment, I laid in bed trying to work up motivation to get in the shower. After showering, I sat on my computer working up motivation to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Advantage: Fatigue

What was the best thing that happened to you this week?
My mom sent me a package containing many random things.

Can you give an example of the random things?
An enormous bag of Easter-themed sprinkles, a box of Wegman's Bran Flakes, and a salmon-colored bath mat with a post-it attached that reads "This is a bath mat."

Looking forward, what is your vision?
World peace. True love. And constant improvement.

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