Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Head west, young man

Tonight is my last night at home in Rochester. As there is absolutely no place I'd rather be, my sadness upon leaving comes as no surprise.

To cheer myself up, I have made a list of all the things to which I am looking forward about this fall semester of school/training in California.

Setting up my cute apartment, planting a garden, adjusting, living the dream, beautiful mountains (even if they are brown), empty deserts with cacti, biking everywhere, going to school near the ocean, finding a cool job that I love, running a lot more, being the only person on rollerskis, learning how to surf, joining a bluegrass group, getting more tan, never tying boats to cars, new places to explore, new people to meet...

...and the thought of coming home to the smell of snow in the air!!!!!!!

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