Monday, January 21, 2008

The "Ah-ha!" Moment

Some people would call me idealistic (and I am), but I am a point in my life where the world is mine to explore. I would be foolish not to take that chance.

Thus, I am moving to Gainesville, Georgia next week to pursue my goal of giving myself the best possible shot to do well at Olympic Trials this year. This is a 10-week bout that will also see me briefly in San Diego, specifics pending.

I am so excited and pleasantly surprised by my "aha!" moment, that I have put together a step-by-step plan, should you be interested in having your own.

Femmy Emmy's Disgustingly Simplistic Get- What- You- Want Plan (repeat as necessary)

Step 1: Figure out exactly what it is that you want
Step 2: Figure out the necessary steps to give yourself the BEST shot at getting it
Step 3: Dive into the process without a backward glance

That's it. What could possibly be more satisfying? That is the life I want, and that is the life I'm going to have. Of course, it's not that easy. It’s scary, vulnerable, and lonely. Even more disquieting is that this avenue [of declaring your intent to achieve something difficult] leaves the failure door ajar, forcing you to confront the fact that the odds are absolutely stacked against you.

But I like challenges. And I love the process. So here we are. Packing the car... mapquesting the drive... tying down the boat....waving goodbye.

What else is there?

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