Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tropical Wave Hits Rochester

On Monday and Tuesday the temperature reached 68 degrees. SIXTY- EIGHT degrees!?!? Can you even believe that? It was bizarre but awesome to run in a sports bra and paddle in a T shirt. (The water is still frigid, though!) I figured I should “make hay while the sun shines,” so I paddled as much as I could. Now it’s back to blustery: like living inside of a ping-pong ball. Last night I had all the windows open in my apartment, and at 5am I woke up to a gust of wind an a splash of water on my face. It was so windy that it was spraying the rain around, and making it look like a helicopter was landing in the parking lot. Cold, rainy, dark.. ahh yes, this is the Rochester I know and love. Welcome back.

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