Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catalyst Games

On Saturday, I participated in CrossFit Boomtown's Catalyst Games. I also got my first sunburn of 2013. CrossFit + Sunshine= amazing day. I was actually disappointed with my overall result, mostly because I underperformed in the first workout and can't really figure out why. But, aside from that hiccup, the rest of the day went fine and it was a blast. CrossFit Boomtown had an incredible turnout and the sunshine made everyone happier than can be. It was a perfect tune-up before regionals, which is only 17 days away. (!!) You can find the Catalyst Games workouts here, the results here, and my write-up for the CrossFit Rochester blog here.

First workout was intervals of row, burpee box jump overs, 1-arm dumbbell snatch, and kettlebell swings, pictured here

The second workout was a clean ladder (with axle bars).   Before cleaning each bar you had to do 20 heavy jump ropes.

Cleaning the axle bar

The last workout was 7 minutes of (20 Deadlifts [155#], 10 HSPU). The  DLs were less than fun for me 
Handstand push-ups, however, are one of my favorite moves!

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